Wild Photo Adventures Season 2

TV Series
About This Project

Season 2 started off with a bang, as we headed west after large mammals in the Grand Teton Mountains. Locations and subjects we photographed include: bison and elk in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, songbirds, owls and snakes in the Francis Beidler Swamp SC, Eastern Wild Turkey in South Carolina, white-tailed deer, alligators, and birds in Lake Marion SC, hummingbirds in Rock Hill SC, and Elephant Seals along the California Coastline. Topics we discussed are: focus, composition, exposure, camera settings, ISO, shutter speed, f stops, aperture, locations and lighting, lens, camera and tripod choices for wildlife and nature photography, wildlife behavior and photography ethics. Host: Doug Gardner, Co-Hosts: Wildlife Expeditions, Don Wouri, Ben Clewis and Joe Johnson. Format: 16:9 Standard Definition. Premiere Sponsor: Really Right Stuff camera support gear.