Wild Photo Adventures Season 3

TV Series
About This Project
It wasn’t until Season 3 that we really started gain momentum with the tv series. We were determined to make the show the best it could be with the resources we had available. Some of the major changes included upgrading our production equipment from standard definition to high definition, higher quality audio equipment and a greater variety of subject matter. Topics we discuss are: focus, composition, exposure, camera settings, ISO, shutter speed, f stops, aperture, locations and lighting, lens, camera and tripod choices for wildlife and nature photography, wildlife behavior and photography ethics. Locations and subjects that we covered in this season include: spring and summer wildflowers in the TN mountains, wild horses on the Outer Banks of NC, storm chasing in the mid-west, Atlantic Puffins moose, and loons in Maine, white-tailed deer in VA, the Florida Everglades, waterfowl in MD, SC and NC, and one of most popular episodes yet the “Behind The Scenes” episode.
Host: Doug Gardner, Co-Hosts: Kevin Adams, Jared Lloyd, Brian Barnes and Jason Hahn. Format: 16:9 High Definition. Premiere Sponsor: Really Right Stuff camera support gear.