Wild Photo Adventures Season 4


Season 4 (DVD Set)

Entire Season (13 Episodes)

4 Disk DVD Set

Season 4 of Wild Photo Adventures took us to some amazing places.We start out the first 3 episodes in the spring of the year in the carolinas photographing a variety of birds: everything from shorebirds to woodpeckers and owls. From there we proceeded across the country to the Pacifc Northwest  to photograph Orcas, rainforests, and the Olympic Pennsula of Washington. Our adventures continued as we continue up the West coast to Lake Clark Alaska. There we had lots of great opportunities to photograph Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, moose, caribou and stunning aerial photographs of the snow capped mountains. The last three episodes consisted of Big Horn Sheep in the Whiskey Basin of Wyoming, wildlife of the Grand Teton Mountains and photography waterfalls at night in North Carolina.
Topics we discuss are: focus, composition, exposure, camera settings, ISO, shutter speed, f stops, aperture, locations and lighting, lens, camera and tripod choices for wildlife and nature photography, wildlife behavior and photography ethics. Host: Doug Gardner, Co-Hosts: Eric Horan, Jared Lloyd, Arron Bagenstos, Glen Alsworth Jr., Micheal Mauro, Kevin Adams. Format: 16:9 High Definition. Premiere Sponsor: Really Right Stuff camera support gear.