Wild Photo Adventures Season 5


Season 5 (DVD Set)

Entire Season (13 Episodes)

4 Disk DVD Set


Wild Photo Adventures Season 5 was one of the most enjoyable seasons yet; lots of great locations and some very unique subjects. Exotic waterfowl along the Barnegat Jetty New Jersey, Yellowstone National Park in winter, Sharptail Grouse and Sage Grouse of the Wyoming prairies, and Grizzly Bears in the Absoroka Mountains. The fun continues as we headed back east to the Lowcountry to photograph marsh scenics and the bone yard of an ancient maritime forest. Other shows we filmed in season 5 include: songbirds in North Carolina, night photography in North Carolina, macro photography in the Appalachian foothills, white-tail deer and fall color in Cades Cove TN, wildlife of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland and an entire episode that answers all of your questions about exactly what’s in my camera bags. Topics we discuss are: focus, composition, exposure, camera settings, ISO, shutter speed, f stops, aperture, locations and lighting, lens, camera and tripod choices for wildlife and nature photography, wildlife behavior and photography ethics. Host: Doug Gardner, Co-Hosts: Jared Lloyd, Ron Hayes, Eric Horan, Gary Carter, Kevin Adams and Clay Bolt. Format: 16:9 High Definition. Premiere Sponsor: Really Right Stuff camera support gear.